Urgent Care Clinic: More Useful Than Hospital Emergency Room

Urgent care is a specialized category of hospital-based outpatient facility in the United States devoted to the delivery of urgent medical care, usually in an attached medical facility other than a primary hospital. The term Urgent Care is often used interchangeably with hospital emergency room. The services provided by Urgent Care clinics are more advanced and higher quality than those provided in ordinary, urgent care hospitals. Patients who require urgent medical care can call a toll-free telephone number that can be connected to an Urgent Care clinic, and in the event of an emergency, the center will dispatch emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, to the location where the call is made. This service also includes routine, preventative maintenance, such as ensuring that the patient has fresh water and sugar available at all times, as well as prescription refill services for various medications. Check out the revere health website to get started.

Most Urgent Care centers are located in school district locations, and the services they provide tend to be much more comprehensive than those offered at ordinary health care facilities. For instance, an Urgent Care clinic may treat a child who has ingested the poison arsenic in his or her grandmother's tea. However, in many cases, children who ingest poisons do not survive. An Urgent Care clinic may treat an adult patient who was involved in a car accident or was choking on his or her own vomit following surgery. In instances such as these, the health care professionals at an Urgent Care clinic are fully prepared to handle unexpected circumstances, such as drowning, electrical shock, and other emergency cases.

Unlike regular hospitals, Urgent Care centers are staffed with highly skilled, licensed medical personnel who have undergone extensive training and certification in emergency medical services. They receive continual training throughout their employment, so that they are not required to learn things they are not qualified to know. Urgent care centers also employ physicians, surgeons, emergency nurses, technicians, and EMTs who have completed relevant education and training in basic first aid techniques. They are fully stocked with all kinds of medicines, equipment, and resources. These medical personnel are committed to making the patients most comfortable. For more info, visit us at this website.

Although an Urgent Care clinic does not offer surgery, they do have doctors who are board certified in emergency medicine. This is why an emergency room at a hospital is usually overcrowded, disorganized, and confusing. An emergency room at an Urgent Care clinic is clean, organized, and well-lit, and has full collaboration and cooperation with the staff of the hospital emergency room. The doctors can make the patients feel at ease, and the patients themselves are comfortable because they know there is only one doctor assigned to them, and they have someone on call if anything goes wrong. The waiting time for an appointment is significantly reduced at Urgent Care clinics.

Many people think of Urgent Care clinics as being for life-saving medical problems, but they are not. These clinics also provide treatment for illnesses that have no cure. For example, HIV patients may visit an Urgent Care clinic for HIV tests. The staff will administer a simple test that will tell them whether or not their HIV levels are at a high risk for infection. The patient can then decide if they need to take medication to prevent infection from taking hold. People who are interested in getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can also visit an urgent care center.

People who are interested in getting tested for common illnesses such as mumps and catching infections like gonorrhea, should consider going to an Urgent Care clinic rather than a hospital emergency room. Clinics have the staff to properly diagnose the problem, and will treat the illness before it becomes a serious health problem. People suffering from health issues that require urgent care are better off using Urgent Care clinics rather than the hospital emergency room. Emergency rooms are crowded, disorganized, and not very useful for people who need fast, effective treatment.

For more information on urgent care centers, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urgent_care_center.

Urgent Care Clinic: More Useful Than Hospital Emergency Room